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How can I help you?

When I take on your skin condition, I take it on as if its my own skin and will help you until you are feeling confident without makeup! I ALWAYS focus on evidence-based skincare combined with a 360- health approach bespoke to you. I specialise in acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and age management.

My ethos is as follows: If I would not recommend it to my family (who are everything to me), I would never recommend to my clients. You will never find me trying to sell you expensive and unnecessary skincare. After completing LOTS of courses with ‘medical grade skincare’ companies I soon realised this was nothing but a marketing ploy and myself and my clients could achieve healthy glowing skin without spending their monthly mortgage on expensive skincare, which is a message I always try to get across.

Your skincare should be easy, simple, affordable, and targeted to your concerns. Lifestyle changes can also have a huge impact on your skin health however I will never ask you to cut out food groups etc, this needs to be sustainable! I also like to educate you on what you NEED for your skin and often tell you to declutter your skincare (you do NOT need a 10-step skincare routine).

Throughout your journey with me you will understand your skin more and will be able to target your routines and lifestyle change so you will never need to stress about your skin again. An evidence- based 360-health approach combined with evidence-based skincare WILL give you long term results!

If you have tried any of the below and are still struggling with your skin health, you are in the right place:

Seen an aesthetician who has sold you expensive (& unnecessary) skincare & treatments for you to be out of money with no benefit to your skin
Seen Dermatologists who offer band aid fixes such as the oral contraceptive pill and antibiotics for your skin condition to return when you stop the medication
Spent hours upon hours searching the internet for the best plan for you to only have spent more money with no progression
Copied influencers skincare routines to again have only been influenced with no benefit or improvement in your skin condition
Tried some at home concoctions (rubbing food on your face) which your skin barrier did not thank you for
“Cleaned” up your diet, detoxes and cutting out food groups but your skin condition does not change?
Feel you have tried everything and are now at a dead end?


Hi, I'm Antonia!

When it comes to skin health and skincare, I focus on an evidence based and 360 health approach. I place a strong emphasis on educating my patients on what they actually need for their skin health, help them navigate the confusing world of skincare & debunk myths in the industry (which you will see over on my Instagram @antonialouiseskin). I also dive into skin nutrition, looking at gut health, hormones and other lifestyle factors that can play a large role in your skin health journey.


Restoring skin confidence in just a few steps

Step 1: Book an online skin consultation with Antonia
A 1 hour Consultation on Zoom with Antonia to discuss your medical, skin health and lifestyle history.
Step 2: Skin & symptom analysis
I will evaluate your skin via Zoom and photographs. We will discuss what your skin needs, the root cause of your skin condition and I will answer any questions you might have. I will provide an unbiased evaluation of your current skincare regimes, and make suggestions.
Step 3: Your bespoke skin health plan
2-3 days after your consultation you will receive an email with a detailed skin health plan tailored to your skin condition and concerns. I will also provide options for different budgets, skin nutrition advice, supplement recommendations and finally offer any lifestyle and diet modifications you may need.
Step 4: Get started & email Antonia any questions
Order your chosen skincare products and get started with your skin health plan. If you have any questions please email me and I will get your questions answered straight away.
Step 5: Follow up appointment
We will schedule reviews monthly to assess your progress and discuss the next steps. I want to ensure you have everything you need to help you achieve skin confidence.



In the world of skincare there is a LOT of misconception on what products to use, what treatments to get and not only is there hundreds of influencers trying to sell you products that won't work for your skin you also wonder why. With over 5+ million views on my Instagram Reels i am here to educate you through your skincare needs, debunk skincare myths and lead you to your best glowing self.

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I honestly can't thank you enough. Never did I imagine my skin would look & feel so good. Thank you for your constant support and advice, setting up a simple affordable skin care routine for me with your excellent knowledge of skin products & your dedication to me.
Melasma Treatment
Adele P
Thank you for all your advice, guidance and prompt response to all of my questions. I have seen some great progress after 4 weeks and am looking forward to the results after completing the remaining 8 weeks.
Rosacea Treatment
Dinta S
Cannot recommend Antonia enough to anyone who is struggling with their skin care. From someone who genuinely did not have a skin care routine the difference in my skin is magical. Thank you!
Acne Treatment
Emma J
It was the best thing I ever did buying a plan from you. I'm grateful for your help and advice!
Acne Treatment
Harriet P
My skin feels so much more comfortable and the redness has calmed down and reduced so much. My skin is loving the products you recommended. Thank you for your continued support.
Rosacea Treatment
Sarah S
But WOW the pigmentation has gone down drastically. Thank you so much for all of your advice. You have saved my face!
Pigmentation Treatment
Becky F
You have worked wonders on my skin! Not a spot in sight for a month now. Thank you so much for your help.
Acne Treatment
Nora N
antonia louise skin health

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