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When it comes to skin health and skincare, I focus on an evidence based and 360 health approach. I place a strong emphasis on educating my patients on what they actually need for their skin health, help them navigate the confusing world of skincare & debunk myths in the industry (which you will see over on my Instagram @antonialouiseskin). I also dive into skin nutrition, looking at gut health, hormones and other lifestyle factors that can play a large role in your skin health journey.

I am incredibly passionate about what I do and love to support my patients on their journey to skin health which I feel is what sets me apart from the rest. Skin health can play a huge impact on mental health so support from your practitioner is essential.

I am a strong believer skincare should be both accessible and backed by science so you will never find me trying to sell you expensive skincare that is unnecessary. I will always give you options tailored to your budget.

Focus: Ethical and results driven.

Aim: Healthy, glowing skin you are confident & happy with.

Skin Consultation


This service is not for you if

You want a quick fix
You want to have 10 step skincare routines
You want to try new products every week
You think you need expensive treatments
You think you have to spend a small fortune on skincare
You think you have to cut out food groups and go on a special diet for your skin
You think natural or clean skincare is best

This service is for you if

You have acne, rosacea or hyperpigmentation/melasma
You want evidence-based & affordable skincare routines
You want a no-nonsense approach
You want to learn what your skin ACTUALLY needs (and what it definitely does not need)
You want me to take away the stress & the confusion of the skincare world
You are willing to make small lifestyle changes to support skin health
You want 1-1 support from Antonia to support you on your skin journey
You understand skin health is a journey and not an overnight fix
If you answered yes to the above then you are the perfect fit for my services & I can’t wait to help you on your journey to health glowing skin!



Throughout your journey you will learn what your skin NEEDs and what it does not need! You will also learn causes of your skin concern, how to make minimal lifestyle changes to support your skin health and understand how to navigate the confusing world of skincare.


Treating a skin condition such as acne can be a journey which I fully understand. Having 1:1 support from your practitioner is paramount. I have seen how much skin conditions can impact your mental health so regular check-ins are essential throughout your journey.


Lets get rid of unnecessary skincare & create targeted simple routines. I will ask you to stop being INFLUENCED online and mute accounts that influence you into buying more products. Remember these companies no how to market to our insecurities.


You do not need expensive treatments OR £100-£200 creams for healthy skin. In fact, my patients who have gone through the 6-month transformation plan with me no longer feel they need treatments and have also saved a lot of money on skincare. There are few treatments Antonia believes are beneficial, again the others are taking your money with minimal long-term benefits for your skin.


Lets retrain your mindset when it comes to your skin! Overanalysing, magnifying mirrors and dermatillomania (excessive skin picking) are also areas we will dive into. I want you to stress less and by the end of the process apply your skincare morning and evening and enjoy the rest of your day without concerning yourself with your skin!

What skin plans do you offer?

Skin Health Plan

What is included?
1hr consultation
Symptom analysis and skin assessment
Evidence-based & affordable skincare recommendations
Bespoke skincare routines to target your skin concerns
Skin nutrition advice targeted to your skin condition
Supplement recommendations
Advice on gut health, hormones, stress management, balancing blood sugar, thyroid & liver function
Within 3 days of your initial consultation you will receive a PDF document to get you started

1:1 Transformation Plan
(6 months treatment)

What is included?
1hr initial consultation
Symptom analysis and skin assessment
6 month health plan
Evidence-based & affordable skincare recommendations
Skincare routines for 6 months & lifelong to manage your skin concerns
Supplement protocol to support your skin from within
Advice on gut health, hormones, stress management, balancing blood sugar, thyroid & liver function
Blood work analysis
Food diary review
4 weekly email check-ins
8 weekly zoom check-ins
Unlimited email access for 6 months
Treatment plan revisions
Best for: Acne, rosacea and melasma

This service is best if you have tried everything for your skin condition and need 1:1 support.
£800 (or x2 £400)

How to prepare for your skin consultation

Fill in your medical & skin health form
Prior to your consultation with me, please fill in the consultation form as it is important we dive into your history.
Email Antonia Louise your photographs
Send Antonia clear photos, looking forwards, 45 degrees to the left & right in natural daylight with no makeup.
Come with a clean face
No makeup prior to your consultation! Ideally your skin will be freshly washed so I can see your skin in it's natural state.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take to see results?
Our skin cell cycle is usually around 30 days. It can take around 3-6 skin cycles for your skin to normalise with the treatments I suggest. Some see results in the first 4 weeks this is really dependant on the severity of your skin condition and your commitment.
Do you offer review appointments?
100% on the 1:1 6 months plan you will be having 4 weekly zoom calls which are included in your package. If you opted for a single skin consultation you can opt for reviews at £75 per session.
I feel like I have tried everything can you help?
First things first I only recommend evidence-based clinically proven skincare for your skin concerns. I do not sell skincare as I feel it is unethical and prefer budget friendly plus accessible options THAT WORK. Secondly I take on your skin like it is my own and we will keep going until you feel skin confident, which is ALWAYS my aim. We will also be diving into the route cause of your skin condition addressing hormones, blood sugar, nutrition, stress management, supplements to support your skin health and general lifestyle tips. Lastly commitment and patience to your journey is paramount, skin health takes time!
I have tried so many medications before is this is the same?
No, a lot of my patients have been down the route of prescription medications and have had their skin condition return. I follow a 360 approach to address the underlying cause and to give you life-long results.
Do you provide consultations worldwide?
Yes! I have patients all over the world. As long as you are English speaking I can help you.
What skin concerns do you treat?
I specialise in acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, melasma & age management

Are you ready?

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