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I set up my online skin consultation service to make Dermatology and Skin Health accessible to everyone. In a never ending world of misinformation and marketing claims on social media I wanted to help those who have fallen victim to these claims, spent a small fortune and wanted to provide a results driven ethical service that can be tailored to anyone’s’ budget! Here you will ONLY find evidence-based and a NO-NONSENSE approach to skin health.

Online Skin Consultation

I provide virtual skin consultations for a variety of skin conditions including: acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, melasma and photoaging. Consultations are carried out via zoom where I get to know you, your medical & skin health background, your skin concerns & goals. I will educate you on the best ingredients for your skin type, build skincare routines tailored to your budget and offer skin nutrition advice with any beneficial supplements for your skin concerns. I ONLY focus on evidence-based, no-nonsense and effective skincare to achieve your results and will support you throughout your journey to skin health. 

Within 3 days of your consultation you will receive a PDF document with a detailed report with everything you need to achieve the best skin you have always wanted. 

Cost of Consultation

£ 100

Appointment Length

40 Minutes

Online Bootcamps 1-1

I also provide the opportunity to work with me on a 1-1 basis for 6 months where we will have monthly zoom calls and you will have access to myself on Whatsapp whenever you require my help. This enables us to tweak things when necessary, monitor your progress closely and allow your skin time to restore to skin health.

The bootcamps Antonia provides are:

This option is for those who really want to take their skin goals seriously, who feel lost, have tried many things before, committed to listening and adhering to the advice Antonia provides and those who need regular support. 


£400 OR
£70 Per Month


6 months

skin consult head
How to prepare for your skin consultation

Fill in your medical & skin health form

Prior to your consultation with me, please fill in the consultation form as it is important we dive into your history.

Email Antonia your photographs

Send Antonia clear photos, looking forwards, 45 degrees to the left & right in natural daylight with no makeup.

Come with a clean face

No makeup prior to your consultation! Ideally your skin will be freshly washed so I can see your skin in it's natural state.

Skin Consultation Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to see results?

Natural skin cycle is around 30 days. It can take around 3-6 skin cycles for your skin to normalise with the treatments I suggest. Some see results in the first 4 weeks this is really dependant on the severity of your skin condition and your commitment.

Do you offer review appointments?

100% I like my patients to book in for a review at 3 and 6 months. The review appointments are £50 and we will schedule a zoom call. NOTE: If you are on a Bootcamp you will be having 2-4 weekly reviews which are included in your package.

How do I know whether to go for a bootcamp or regular consultation?

I will guide you on this and it will depend on the severity of your skin condition/concerns. This also depends if you want more frequent reviews and support. With the bootcamps I do 2-4 weekly reviews and I am contactable on WhatsApp. The Bootcamps are 1-1 coaching.

I feel like I have tried everything can you help?

First things first I only recommend evidence-based clinically proven skincare for your skin concerns. I do not sell skincare as I feel it is unethical and prefer budget friendly plus accessible options THAT WORK. Secondly I take on your skin like it is my own and we will keep going until you feel skin confident, which is ALWAYS my aim. Lastly commitment and patience to your journey is paramount, skin health takes time!

Do you provide consultations worldwide?

Yes! I have patients all over the world. As long as you are English speaking I can help you.